Grace Hopper '13 Open Source Day Recap

The Grace Hopper Celebration Open Source Day Codeathon has been one of Women's P2P Network's most successful events, and this year was our best yet! (The codeathon brings technical women together to collaborate on projects for social good).

2013's roster of 23 brilliant women coders hailed from seven countries, nine universities, seven Silicon Valley companies including Amazon, Twitter, Box, and Yahoo.  It also included three awesome high schoolers from the GenConnext program, and even a bona-fide rocket scientist!  As a special treat, Grace Hopper/Facebook Scholarship winner Marguerite Saint-Louis, who has been part of our Haiti team from the beginning, joined us in person and guided the group in creating tools that would be appropriate for Haitian market women!

Urgent Action - Support Women Candidates in Kenya

Stand with Kenya's "Leading Ladies" election candidates and help them cross the finish line!

UPDATE We just got word from their leader, Lindy Wafula that our Leading Ladies candidates in the Kenya election are still in the race! Thank you to all who've donated! They are now seeking $5,000 to hire 300 people to “PROTECT THE BALLOTS”  and voters on Monday. Please DONATE if you can and SHARE and help end violence against women. 

Elections: The Leading Ladies of Kenya Need Us to Circle Around Them Now

The Leading Ladies Circle of Kenya, actually began in 2009 when Lindy Wafula, who directs a non-profit, felt compelled to run for office. “I met women in a village in the south coast of Mombasa. While having a town hall meeting one woman named Mama Christina asked me, 'Mama Lindy, what will happen now that our husbands are sexually molesting our daughters? When we ask them why they do this they beat us up and tell us not to tell anyone?’ I saw there was no other way of protecting the rights of women except by making laws that would protect our interests and prosecute those who violate women's rights."