Urgent Action - Support Women Candidates in Kenya

Stand with Kenya's "Leading Ladies" election candidates and help them cross the finish line!

UPDATE We just got word from their leader, Lindy Wafula that our Leading Ladies candidates in the Kenya election are still in the race! Thank you to all who've donated! They are now seeking $5,000 to hire 300 people to “PROTECT THE BALLOTS”  and voters on Monday. Please DONATE if you can and SHARE and help end violence against women. 


About Kenya's Leading Ladies Candidates

The Leading Ladies Caravan is a group 20 women candidates from across Kenya who are crossing the country, encouraging voters to elect women.  They are withstanding threats, harassment, and severe lack of funds in hopes to uphold a new Constitution that protects women from violence and discrimination.  Kenya has fewer than 10% women in elected office.

Less than one week before the March 4th election, they were told by their coalitions to STEP ASIDE in favor of weaker male candidates, (even one women who is ahead by more than a 20% margin) and are being forced out of the race by lack of funds.  Coalition leaders are doing this because they believe no one is watching.

Violence against women will not end until brave women like the Leading Ladies are elected to office.  Let's stand with them by donating to keep them in the race and send a message to future women leaders that we'll have their backs. Learn More >