The Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network’s programs on high-impact areas which affect women globally, including:

  • Technology applications to broaden women’s access and remove barriers (e.g., text-to-voice apps for mobile phones)
  • Partnership and leveraging local infrastructure and women's networks, such as ubiquitous community radio and marketplace gatherings
  • Creating scalable apps and services for the local user population, attuned to local needs (e.g., apps determining the price of goods for market women)

Our programs are driven by local technical women, who create technology apps for greater access for all women.  Never seeking to reinvent the wheel, we build on what women already have and do in-country.  Our programs are designed by women for women, with significant input and involvement by the users themselves. 

A focus of our programs is inclusion of women who are illiterate, without access to computers or in some cases, mobile phones.

Today, the Women’s P2P Network is developing infrastructure in three critical categories for women’s progress, which will address a large percentage of the women left behind:

  • Women in Election Participation
  • Market Women: Backbones of the Local Economy, Early Warning Systems and News
  • Privacy and safety assurance

Read more about our programs in Haiti and Kenya.