Welcome to Women's P2P Network's Virtual Gathering to End Violence Against Women!

On Feb 14, Women's P2P joined one billion women who shook the world by Rising for Justice to End Violence against women

ON VDAY, We asked women and organizations to submit ideas or examples of technology projects that help fight VAW. 

In celebration of International Women's Day, join in the conversation by telling us about a project, idea of your own, leave a comment, or just say hello. 


Join our by-women, for-women movement to build appropriate tools for women around the world.

We'll keep you posted on future events so you can help us make these ideas real.


One in three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime, and it affects us all, now matter where we live.  

Nearly that many women in the world have no access to communications empowerment tools because of limitations like literacy, access, and safety concerns - and that is something GirlGeeks can help with - a lot - though we are rarely tapped to do so. 

We're changing that!

**After commenting, please click SHARE to send a TWEET and a FACEBOOK post inviting others to join in the conversation.  

Use ALL hashtags #WomensP2P #GirlGeeksRising #onebillionrising