Vania Charles

Currently I am completing a master’s degree in Database and System Integration at the Haiti’s State University and I work at Solutions S.A as a programmer.  I am a woman looking forward to pursuing my studies in order to reach a high level of expertise in Computer Science.

I am passionate about programming and databases. These two things interest me most in the computer world. In this sense, my principal technical skills are firstly in programming languages:  C, C#, Java, VB. NET, ASP.NET, SQL, Ruby, XHTML, PHP, CSS, XML and secondly in database Systems: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle. And for more performance, I want to learn anything that comes close to these two subjects.

In the past, during my last years of studies, I was part of a development software group, SODEGRO. And one of our realizations was a website for a University. This was my first professional experience and has accentuated my goal to be a programmer and a data analyst who will design systems useful for several business of the country.  Especially as the country where I was born again speaks ICT as being new (NICT). I want to put my pin so that my country makes a big leap in the computing world. And this feeling was further accentuated after my participation in applications for a church and a minister the country.

When the director of the Database master’s degree that I am undertaking, invited me to join the Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network in Haiti, I told myself, that exactly what I need to achieve my goal.  It was especially rewarding on November 12th 2011, when I attended the Grace Hopper Conference Open Source Day and I presented via video Skype a paper on “Connectivity in Haiti”.  And in addition it helped me, to get a scholarship to attend the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

I consider Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network to be an opportunity to improve my capacities, to show people what can I do, and also an opportunity to share what I know with other young women in this sector.  I want to continue helping to build Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network, not only for me, or other young women like me, but also for my country.