Marguerite Saint-Louis

I am currently in my last year of Electronic Engineering at the State University of Haiti; I obtained my license in Computer Science from ESIH in the 07–08 academic years. In 2011, I undertook an internship at a Computer Programming SME for a six-month period and became an employee at this company. I acquired not only professional computing experience, but also a greater interest in this sector.

Now I am working on a mobile payment application, as my final project to obtain my degree in electronic engineering. It is a web and mobile software, which will be used to improve the management of credit unions. Our emphasis will be on mobile payment and transaction. Any user of the system will be able to make loans, payments, transfers via a mobile phone equipped with NFC technology.

I was invited by the director of the MBDS Master in Haiti, Tayana Etienne, to be a member of the Women’s Peer to Peer Network, and this experiment has been very rewarding and innovative. Women’s Peer to Peer Network gave strength to my interest in technology, as it promotes women in the technology sector in Haiti.

I encourage women in this area, integrating this network of woman, the Women’s Peer to Peer Network in Haiti, because to be united with a common interest makes the movement stronger and sustainable. Haitian women are in minority in the TIC world, so therefore we should continue it in mind and also acquire enough knowledge to represent our country around the world.