Meet Our Haiti Team

Our Haiti Team has been meeting on Fridays, weekends and in our summer internship program, to design and build The Women's P2P Network's Market Women Program.  Under the direction of our partners, Solutions and the State University of Haiti, we have had training in open source platforms via Skype, led cross-border hackathons, and coded throughout the summer.  Next, we will begin working in partnership with a community of market women, through our Haitian microfinance partner, Fonkoze.  Stay tuned for our progress throughout the year!



Summer 2012 Interns

Carla St. Juste

State University of Haiti, Master’s degree student in Electronic Engineering

"In my university this year, only 9 women out of 99 students are studying electronic engineering. I can not count how many times I had to face people who were surprised to learn that I am studying electronics engineering. Every time in my heart, I smile because I think: Although it may be a grain of sand in the Sahara, it can be the beginning of a change in the way of thinking and proof that women can be in science and technology.  I also think The Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network will help my country to take a step forward in technology and can really allow our strong business women in Haiti to do business more easily." Read More >

Dagrain Michel-Ange

Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti, Master’s degree student in Computer Science

"Even though there has been wonderful intellectual achievement by women,some people still believe that women are not intelligent enough to have their place in the mathematic, programming and technological world. The Women’s P2P Network is the proof that women are capable of being heard through technology, and demonstrating how smart, creative and strong they are.  This is the reason why I am interested in helping to build via The Women's P2P Network." Read More >

Marguerite Saint-Louis

State University of Haiti, Master’s degree student in Electronic Engineering; Licensed in Computer Science from ESIH; Programmer at Solutions, S.A.

"This program has been very rewarding and innovative. The Women’s Peer to Peer Network gave strength to my interest in technology, as it promotes women in the technology sector in Haiti. Haitian women are a minority in the ICT world – we should be mindful of this, and also acquire enough knowledge to represent our country around the world."  Read More >


Sandy Télémaque

Ѐcole Supérieure D’infotronique D’Haïti, Third year licensing student in Computer Science  (ESIH)

"I think that when women work, we are more free.  One of the reasons I am interested in helping to build The Women’s P2P Network is that I would like to get to know women who are more like me." Read More >

Vania Charles

State University of Haiti, Master’s degree student in Database & System Integration; Programmer at Solutions S.A.

"I presented my paper on Connectivity Haiti via video Skype at Open Source Day at Grace Hopper Conference in 2011, and was able to get a Google Scholarship to attend the 2012 conference in person. The Women’s Peer-to-Peer Network offers me an opportunity to improve my abilities, to show people what can I do, and also to share what I know with other young women.  I want to continue helping to build Women’s P2P Network, not only for me and other young women like me, but also for my country." Read More >

More members of our Haiti team (bios coming soon!):

Maudeline Auguste

Jenifer Fleurant

Tabitha Georges

Mary Emmanuelle Normil

Josie Ann Télémaque